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Alrighty :)

So, I'm pretty much a giant newbie to cosplay, so I'm appealing for help! :D
I want to do all of the costume myself, as much as possible, because I enjoy a challenge! I've also figured out a way to make things just a liiiittle easier for myself XD Luckily for me, I have a good friend who is a fantastic cosplayer and her specialty is wigs; if she has time, she'll make a Chibiusa wig for me :)
I thought I'd run a few things by you guys to make sure it fits the protocol of our group, and I have a few questions as well XD;
So, my idea was to order a few custom designed leotards from a dance supplier - sleeveless, high cut in the back, low v-neck in the front. That way I give myself a base to work off of. For the puffy sleeves, I was thinking of putting something stiff around the inside to make them round instead of floppy. Or maybe stuffing them.

But for the skirt, I have a question! I want it to look like this, but how do I achieve that look? I was also thinking of getting a pink crinoline to make it stick up a bit more... If this won't conform with everyone else's costume, I won't XD
Also, we're doing the Eternal form and the DSC form. Are we doing Princess as well?
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