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Michiru Sai-Tsukou

A couple little facts:
- Except for Nick (Taiki), Justin (Healer) and Mamoru (Dur), Paul (Artemis) and Steve (Diamond), we're all girls. FLOOD THE MEN! XD. (Haha! I forgot the girly male characters. XD;; )
- OMGosh, guys, we have 33 cosplayers! I have to say that I have never been so friggen escatic about anything in my life. I know we have until Otakon next year to prepare, but I have to say that this is really a dream come true. Thank you for everyone who is involved with this group!
- This is a group of open-minded people with opinions. If you have something to suggest, don't be afraid to do so!
- Michiru is lazy when it comes to layouts. We do have a website, but it's still in progress. - -;

~Meet the Staff~
Puu ~ She's sweet, open-minded, and has a lot of patience, but as a warning: She's blunt.
She'll only deal with so much, so if you even try to tell her that she's a liar, or that she's full of it, be prepared to have a key staff whacked over your head. She will not take your bullshit.

Makoto ~ Much like Puu, actually. She's our closet lesbian. <~ Don't you love that introduction. That's actually SUCH an inside joke. Lets just say she wants to do the tapping on the Michiru when Haruka's not looking. ~^
Mako is another very patient one, but she takes even less crap than Puu, and DANG is she an Aeris when she's pissed. You're going to give yourself a nasty burn playing with this firey one. Also, if you try to bullshit this one, you'll get thrown out of the room by the bench of your pants, or the crotch of your fuku, however you want to see it.

Michiru ~ One word: PUSHOVER.
Say something, she'll do it. Say something about her, she won't retalliate. Say something about her friends or family, and you'll be getting the nastiest glares and curses to your soul you've ever known. Michiru has far too much patience for her own good. But even she needs a good kick in the butt every now and then.

To Stop Drama At The Door
If I catch even a whiff of drama breaking out, or I am told that there is drama starting up, I am going to be one pissed off Michiru. Why? Because I have this to say about it:
Drama is ment for teenie-bopper prep girls who freak out because they broke a nail doing their hair or they had their boyfriend stolen by their sister. We are GROWN women (and two men) and need to understand that we'll have disagreements because we are -so- many people, but don't let it escalate into something more than that. If you hav conflict, talk it over, and if you can't do it alone, get one of the moderators to... well... moderate. The three of us have our own little things about this, and it's broken down above.
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