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Name: Shire
Nickname: I get nicknamed a lot of things. Not all of them good.
Age: 20
Email: science_aquamarine(remove me)@yahoo.com
Position: Zoicite
What conventions have you attended in the past?: Bakuretsucon
What costumes have you made in the past?: Well, lets see... I've been costuming since I was a kid, but I've only done one actual _anime_ costume in my history. Most of the costumes I wore as a kid I helped my mother make for me to wear. When I was in middle school I made several CATs musical costumes (Jemima, Bobalurina/Rum Tum Tugger, Victoria, Mistofelees). I also cosplayed for school once as a character from the webcomic Expiramental Comic Kotone (Laika).

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I made a Jemima costume in 8th grade O.O I don't have pictures of it, but I did make one....creepy
Weird coincidence.
*waves* Hullo!

... I know you.

...you do?

Whatever you heard, it isn't true, I swear. I didn't do it.
*jerks thumb as Ruka and Michi Kou*
Now I'm really scared! XDDDDD
pretty pretty pretty ^^

Ahhh... sankyuu? It's all the camera lighting and my sister having forced me to wear make-up, trust me.
Hellosssss XDD

Because I always notice these first.. You have absolutely gorgeous eyes! o.o Holy crap, bluuuuue.
Yay. Someone likes me eyes. And they're the only aspect of my body I like anyway.