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A flock you can't divide

So, to those of you that know me. I just finished a show and there's just one song that makes me think of the Senshi, and so thus. Um. You all get to have fun with me posting the lyrics. *cackles*

When it's fine weather
We always stick together
Nobody's hot under the collar
But let the sun start to bake
Now you belly ache
All your love talk's not worth a dollar

Well there's fair weather friends
That's not together
Together's all weather round
That's what we said we would be
Our own family
We will be until we be heaven bound

We are sisters in a bluster
Sisters in a stoak
Sisters in a heatwave (together til we croak)
We're kith, we're kin
We're blood through thick and thin
We are sisters in a cyclone
Sisters in the blow
Sisters bound forever (and everywhere we go)
You're me, I'm you
That's how we make it through

If we hold together
In every sort of weather
We can take the world by storm
Hey world surprise
You won't believe your eyes
The Opelousas Sisters
Are what sisters idolise

We're kith, we're kin
We're blood through thick and thin
We're one, we're tied
A flock you can't divide
What's yours is mine
We're sisters by design
We're sisters
Sisters, rain or shine

And just to make this post semi on topic....I decided I'd show post costumes I've made (And by made, I mean peice together because sewing machines hate me...or I fear them. Either or.)

River Tam-Firefly
River Tam-Firefly (With the boots)
Satine-Hindi Wedding Dress-Moulin Rouge
Sally the Ragdoll-Nightmare Before Christmas

Um. Right. I'm gone, now.
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